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Solution Talenteed is excited to welcome everyone who wants to learn about our beliefs, our services,and future goals. 

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Solution Talenteed is market leader since 2021, with 5 international sourcing centres and more than 5 employees on deck. We believe in equality in the workplace, teamwork and cooperation. Our employees are leaders in their respective spheres, and we strive to motivate them to reach the heights they deserve. We provide the best quality services to our clients and base our future on mutual trust and communication. It all started in a small office on the outskirts of Neudorf with Guy Christian MUNSADI. We had our share of difficulties and challenges. Today, we have come a long way, 5 sourcing centres worldwide, with a head office in Luxembourg City. Solution Talenteed has become a state of mind and an international brand, with over 5 employees.

Our Values

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that diversity is a fact, while inclusion is a choice. We enjoy diversity and inclusion by surrounding ourselves with and working with different people.


Developing a healthy business is a goal that is close to our hearts and we will not be able to achieve it if all members of our team do not value learning.


We believe in morality and do not respect dishonesty in dealing with companies or customers. We aspire to a business world where you always do the right thing.

Customer Experience

We are a company that works directly with customers, and ensuring a positive customer experience is key to our success. We value communication and feedback.

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